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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Choose The Best Roofing Material

There are certain roofing materials available like Liquid applied roofing systems to choose from. Each having its own pros and cons. Moreover the cost is one of them and the material is a also a big factor. You should ask your contractor about the best roofing material, keeping in mind the place where you have to deploy it. Moreover there are certain materials available now which are attributed as green materials and are energy star related. This factor should also be kept in mind. Some of materials available in the market are:

Asphalt Shingles: 

 Asphalt shingles are perhaps the most used roofing material in the world, especially in the USA. According to an estimate, 75% of American homes have asphalt shingle as the roofing material. It is less costly and easier to install, moreover it has the ability to survive the worst of the weather conditions. But the lifespan of asphalt shingle roof is much less than the other roofing materials. Moreover it is made of such products that are not recyclable and it does not gold a good environmental track record as well.

Wood shingles and shakes: 

Wood shingles are made with certain woods and you can purchase them in a number of varieties with cedar being used the most. Wood shingles are made and cut on the machine, whereas wood shakes are handmade and they appear little rough. The biggest concern that is related with the ordinary wood shingles is that they have a low fire rating. So you should decide this material with a lot of care. Moreover you can buy a material with the highest fire rating at an additional cost. Adding to its favor, it is a natural product but require high maintenance.

Clay and concrete tiles:

Concrete and clay tiles are perhaps the oldest and the most elegant roofing material for your place. They mostly come in lighter colors thus allowing them to reflect a maximum of sunlight thus keeping the roof cooler. These are very durable, long lasting and provide better protection. They come in a variety of shapes, textures and quality. You can choose one that fits your lifestyle. Clay tiles are one of than most green roofing materials available. Moreover they are energy efficient and environment friendly. You should keep in mind that these are heavy materials, and may require additional roof framing to support them.


Slate is an elegant, beautiful, eye catching, and non leaching material. A slate roof life can be as long as hundreds of years. It mostly comes in dark colors, so it is not recommended for the buildings located at high temperature regions. It is easily recyclable and environment friendly.

 Metal Roofs:

Metal roofs are probably the most stylish and cool roofs available now a day. These are available in copper, steel and aluminum metals. They are highly reflective and cause cooling effect. Moreover they are durable and may run twice as long as asphalt or wood shingles. They are light in weight and can withstand adverse weather conditions. They are environment friendly as well.

 Fiber Cement:

Fiber cement is composed up of three components, concrete, clay and wood fiber. They are lighter in weight than the concrete tiles and are very durable. They come in many shapes sizes and colors. But there is a drawback that you may not use them in cooler regions as they may crack. They are easily recyclable.

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