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Liquid Roof
Liquid Roof

Friday, September 28, 2012

Liquid EPDM and its Benefits

The EPDM roofing association which started in 2002 has always focused on educating contractors and the roofing community on the characteristics and benefits of EPDM membranes.  Their studies have concluded that EPDM’s service live is over 20 years.  Arguably the most important benefit of an EPDM system is the membrane’s flexibility.  A growing number of contractors are specializing in EPDM installation, due to its low callbacks and insurance premiums.  EPDM roofing systems also feature low maintenance, easy repair options and low annualized costs.  
With Liquid EPDM there is No cutting, No gluing and No Seaming!  EPDM Liquid Rubber® totally eliminates the problems encountered with single ply materials because it produces a seamless membrane which is all of the same chemistry.  So what do we gain by using EPDM Liquid Rubber®?  It eliminates seam failures and eliminates shrinkage of the single ply rubber.  It also prevents further chalking particularly with white EPDM and it extends the life of a roof.  Liquid Rubber®, available through is the only EPDM in Liquid form. This product is a high solids solution of sheet EPDM Rubber. It converts from liquid to solid elastomer via a unique free radical cure mechanism which works at temperatures of 55° F and higher.   EPDM Liquid Rubber® can be applied directly on many types of substrates that have solid, stable, non-porous and uniform surfaces such as flat roofs. For most substrates, primers are not necessary. As an example, some types of substrates that can be coated with EPDM Liquid Rubber® without a primer are:
  • EPDM Rubber Membrane on flat or sloped Roofs
  • Weathered Steel Siding
  • Outstanding barrier for salt-water environments
  • Weathered Fiberglass
  • Weathered standing seam and corrugated metal roofs
  • Weathered Vinyl, PVC and Polycarbonate plastic
  • Foam insulation for pipe
  • Cast Concrete foundations

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep your roof from leaking with Liquid EPDM

A roof leak can not only be troublesome, it can be costly. Both the damage done by the leaking water itself and the cost of repairing the roof can quickly add up. Rather than spend a lot of time, money and effort hiring professionals to repair your roof why not do it yourself with the only product that’s easy to use, cost efficient and extremely durable?

There’s no reason to endure lengthy and costly repairs when you can use Liquid EPDM to cover your roof and prevent leaking, cracking and other damage from the elements. Constructed using the same chemical composition as traditional sheet EPDM roofing, liquid EPDM gives you the added bonus of flexibility and ease of use so you can handle those repairs yourself.

While traditional sheet EPDM can trap air underneath, leading to cracking and breaking later on, liquid EPDM goes on in one smooth coat and is designed to expel excess air during the curing process so that you are left with a strong, water and airtight seal. And because liquid EPDM will expand and contract with the roof’s surface when the temperature changes, there is less likelihood of weather related damage resulting in a roof leaks.

Liquid Roof Coatings are available in white. Liquid Rubber Coatings are available in White rubber or Black Rubber however you can color it by simply adding a non oil-based Universal Colorant. Liquid Rubber Coatings applied over generally sound single ply EPDM can extend its life another 20 years. The Do-It-Yourself Solution. One Coat Application-No Primer or Top Coat needed and easy application! Cures only above 55 degrees. Commercial/Residential Roofs and Industrial Applications, Pitch and non pitch roofs, Trailers, Campers, RV's, House Boats, Pond Liners, Roof Leaks, RV Roof Repair, Basement waterproofing, shingles, gutters, steel roofs, metal roof repair, air conditioner enclosures, cooling towers, galvanized steel/metal roof repair, unit heater flues, concrete pipes and vessels, smoke stacks and chimneys, fiberglass and non porous masonry surfaces and vessels. Great for repair. Compare the total cost of your project and now look at what you save in labor by doing the project by yourself! Liquid EPDM Rubber is the best roof repair product.