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Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Repair RV Roof Leaks

When it comes to how to repair RV roof leaks, you have several options. The right choice depends partly on the extent of the damage. Small leaks are relatively easy to repair. Replacing all of the roofing material is possible, but it is a much larger and more difficult job.

The first step in any case is to make a complete inspection of the area as it currently exists. You may be able to see evidence of the leak inside of the vehicle. But you don’t really know the extent of the damage until you get up on top.

You also need to know what type of roofing materials you are dealing with. Many newer roofs have a rubber-like coating for waterproofing. The coating may be worn and that could be your only problem.
A common location for leaks is around vents and other things that “stick out” of the roof. You may only need to use some EPDM sheeting or some liquid EPDM to correct the problem.

Once you have an idea of the issues you are dealing with, the next step is usually to clean. Cleaning may involve scraping off any existing coatings in order to prepare the surface for a new coat.

In learning how to do RV roof repair, you will likely see a number of materials like the EPDM sheeting and the liquid EPDM, which is sometimes called liquid rubber. Any of those materials could work, but the surface needs to be clean and ideally it should be smooth. If you have rust or rough spots, they should be sanded down.

For visible holes, you will need patching material. You can find the patching material in hardware stores, along with instructions for how the patches are attached. Some can be held on with epoxy. Others need to be soldered on.

Another option for materials is an RV-retail shop. There, you can also find books about how to repair RV roof leaks and many other subjects. If you bought your vehicle used, you might also want to get a copy of the owner’s manual while you are at the shop. How-to books and owner’s manuals are also available online. is a good place to start.
Hopefully, your inspection will reveal that the cause of the leak is nothing more than a vent that needs to be covered. If the damage is more extensive, you can still learn how to repair RV roof leaks with just a little more research.