Liquid Roof

Liquid Roof
Liquid Roof

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Liquid Roof Repair

Liquid Roof forms a 100% chemically-cured seamless White membrane every bit as solid and attractive as factory-installed sheet rubber. Liquid Roof's simple one-coat application by brush or roller saves you time and money, sealing and protecting your RV from water damage.

Liquid Roof is resistant to Ozone and UV (Ultraviolet rays from the Sun). It remains flexible and durable in the temperature range of -60ºF to 300ºF. It is not harmed by freezing or snow. It resists ponding (standing water after a rain), and is not damaged by salt water, acids and alkalies.

The white color of the cured rubber reflects heat in warm weather thereby lowering the interior temperature. Liquid Roof becomes waterproof immediately upon application. Should it rain shortly after application, the appearance may be altered slightly due to rain, but this does not prevent it from fully curing when dry and above 55ºF.

It is highly recommended that you do not drive your RV until the coating is tack-free to the touch. For best results wait until fully cured, (3-7 days depending on temperature).
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