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Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Inspect Your Roof

The best preventative maintenance for your roof is to perform visual inspections of the roof surface at least twice a year (Spring/Fall), and after any major storm (wind, rain, hail, snow) or construction project. This will help you to identify any potential problems that may come up. It is important to remember that traffic on your roof should be kept to a minimum as shingles are brittle, especially in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Instead of walking the roof, use a pair of binoculars to get a closer view of the roof surface. Here is what you should be checking:

Shingle Surface: Inspect the general surface of the roof. First, look for signs that the shingles may be lifting, loose or even missing. Check to make sure that the roof surface is free of all debris (leaves, garbage, twigs etc.). It is important that you do not power wash your roof! This can cause significant damage. Use a leaf blower or garden hose to remove debris. Look for mold, moss or algae – these occur more commonly in damp climates and often accumulate along the ridge or near the eaves or shaded areas of the roof. Look for exposed nails, hail marks, or missing granules (bald spots).

Flashings: Inspect all flashings around chimneys, vents, plumbing stacks, skylights, walls and valleys looking for rust, cracks, or other openings where water may enter. Look also for flashings that may have lifted from the surface of the roof. If you can see deterioration, call us right away to provide a more thorough inspection or repair.

Surrounding Vegetation: Look for areas where vegetation has grown over or is touching the roof surface. Trim back any overhanging branches. Shaded areas encourage moss and fungus growth and can encourage ice dams and run-off problems.

Building Exterior: Check your home for signs of shifting or settlement. Cracks in the structure (inside or out) are signs that there could also be cracks in the roof. Look to make sure that overhangs, soffit, fascia and downspouts are in good condition. Check your eaves-trough to make sure they are unclogged and free of debris.

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